Sample Timeline

All coaching sessions are conducted by phone.  It’s a tried and true method in order to avoid any visual distractions and focus only on the tone and content of these important and “confidential” conversations.

Coaching sessions are conducted from your own quiet & comfortable space (and mine) without interruption and a clear phone connection. This is expected of both the coach and the client.

  •  I provide a complimentary consultation of 10-15 minutes to get acquainted.
  • Once we reach an agreement, we schedule our 1st session; allow 90 minutes.
  • Second & Third sessions are scheduled for 60 minutes each.
  • Fourth & any follow-up sessions are typically 60 minutes or less.

The timeline above is a sample. Some clients prefer to quickly proceed and request a weekly session. Others, depending on their specific goals, may prefer once monthly appointments. It’s all up to you.  Rates are based on scheduled phone sessions only. Any background or prep work done by your coach is off the clock. email: for details.

“A small investment in the BIG picture of your career, your work and your life.”